Do you know the first ingredient in setting up an online business?

A Great Website…

We are masters in providing great website design services along with the following things to our clients that make us unique.

Excellent on-the-web presence

Everything we do is to provide you with unique creative website designs, which have interactive and engaging User Interface (UI) to enhance the user experience. This User Experience is designed to make you stand out well in the market so that you can have much more advantages than your competitors. We design to help you succeed on the online fraternity by providing you with the best website possible, which in turn gives you an excellent on-the-web presence. You can rely upon us and we will help you take the pressure off and help you focus on growing your business online. We keep our eyes and ears upon your business, your values, your organization and your vision. We put ourselves in your shoes and gather every important piece of information about your business that is capable of enhancing it.

State-of-the art designs

We make aesthetically appealing websites that actually help you grow your business by combining state-of-the-art designs with online marketing trends. We are into web designing business for almost 5 years and have helped more than 4000 businesses launch online by optimizing and enhancing the web design and web development process. Hence we are confident that we can assist you in your business by having deep understanding of you, your business, your values, your mission and your target market. We are pretty sure that we can ensure you that you can overtake the competition in the market with every design element that we create and as a result help you achieve your business marketing goals.

Website aligned with business mission and vision

We will analyze all your business needs right from the starting and then design an online strategy for you that is in line with your business. We will also focus on your business branding and move it to online marketing via high-end website development. We build our clients’ websites on WordPress and also contribute to business content, menus, newsletters and other industry specific functionalities. We will also advise you to follow the correct web development path by keeping a sharp eye on your mission and vision of your business.

We design the website and you manage the content

We design the websites for you and place the relevant content on it via Content Management System (CMS), which gives you complete freedom to take charge of the content and update it as per your own convenience. You get the complete access and control of the content from any device. We use WordPress CMS, which is a globally-renowned CMS platform. It is the best CMS available and it encompasses development of more than one-third of the websites. WordPress is like Microsoft Word and hence it is very intuitive and easy-to-use.

We assure you that you can have the following with us unlimited:

  • Design revisions
  • Products
  • Pages
  • Technical support
  • Email accounts

Why should you choose 99 Code Design?

  • Great experience: We’ve helped over 4000 businesses get online.
  • Great reputation: We are honoured with ABC award.
  • Quality web design: We keep doing design revisions until you are happy.
  • CMS: We design the website and you manage the content.
  • Affordable: We have an expertise in keeping the cost down while providing high quality websites.
  • Great customer service: We have a friendly and experienced team, which is always available to assist you.

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99 Code Design is led by a cohesive team of IT professionals with ample experience in the field of technology and an intense passion to innovate.

Our team’s expertise lies in all areas encompassed within the digital world of world wide web. The team comprises highly qualified and experienced Designers, Developers, Project Coordinators, Delivery Heads, Project Managers, Technical Analysts, Content Writers, Creative Heads, Internet Marketing Strategists, SEO executives, Mobile Programmers, Social Media Executives and Quality Analysts. Each member of Sterco team strives to levitate to a higher level of creativity with every endeavor.